Micro Sanders
Medium-Fine (240 grit) and Fine (400 grit)
$11.95 (Canadian Funds)

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This is a tool for sanding very small areas or hard-to-reach places on scale models. The package contains:
- One strip of 400 grit (fine) self-adhesive wet/dry sandpaper 
- One strip of 240 grit (medium-fine) self-adhesive wet/dry sandpaper 
- Three tapered sander supports 
- Three straight sander supports 

The sander supports are made of strong stainless steel and these sanders can be used wet or dry. 

The sander supports can be bent/shaped with a pliers to create tools that can get into very tight places such as wheel wells, cockpits, intakes, etc. These tools can be used to remove ejector-pin marks or to sand/open louvres, grills, slats, etc. 

This set requires a hobby knife handle.


Manufacturer:  RB Productions RB-T042 Photo Etched Aircraft Parts, Accessories & Decals