Fine Saw Blade
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Fine saw blade (24 t/cm - 58 tpi)

This is a fine saw blade and is recommended for most model-related cuts. This blade can be used to cut plastic, wood and resin. This blade was also successfully tested on softer metals such as brass, aluminium and copper.

This saw is inspired by the Japanese Ryoba traditional saws that have teeth on both edges of the blade with the teeth handed, respectively "pull cut" on one side and "push cut" on the other side. The direction of the cut is indicated by an arrow etched into the blade.

This saw blade must fitted into the specially designed holder which may be purchased HERE.

This holder will give the blade the necessary rigidity to make the best cuts. Using this tool without the holder may lead to damage to the blade. This holder also allows the blade to be mounted either in a central or an offset position to increase the range of uses.

This blade is made from stainless steel.

Manufacturer:  RB Productions RB-T016 Photo Etched Aircraft Parts, Accessories & Decals