1/48  Colors and Markings of the US Navy Tomcats, Part III
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This decal is printed by Cartograf.

This decal set features options for nine 1/48 early-model F-14A Tomcats. This set has been sized to fit the new Tamiya F-14A kit. It is also a continuation of our collaborative effort with Detail & Scale. It was designed using the incredible reference resources of Bert Kinzey; one of the world’s premier aviation authors and enthusiasts. This sheet compliments Detail & Scale’s new digital reference book covering the F-14. Enough stencils and data are included to build two complete models.

The aircraft covered include:

VF-14, F-14A 159421, USS John F. Kennedy, 1976 (AB-100)
VF-32, F-14A 159008, USS John F. Kennedy, 1976 (AB-200)
VF-41, F-14A 160379, USS Nimitz, 1976 (AJ-100)
VF-84, F-14A 159013, NAS Oceana, 1976 (AJ-200)
VF-101, F-14A 158620, NAS Oceana, 1976 (AD-144)
VF-142, F-14A 159606, USS America, 1978 (AE-201)
VF-142, F-14A 159453, USS America, 1978 (AE-204)
VF-143, F-14A 159456, USS America, 1976 (AE-100)
Manufacturer:  Furball Aero-Design F/D&S-4810 Decals