Modelling Tools
Model Design Construction (MDC)
ME32005 1/32 Scale Rivet Maker
ME48008 1/48 Scale Rivet Maker
RB Productions
RB-PP Pick-up Pencil
RB-T013 Saw Blade Holder
RB-T014 Rapid Cut Saw
RB-T015 Medium Saw Blade
RB-T016 Fine Saw Blade
RB-T017 Ultra-Fine Saw Blade
RB-T018 Contour Saw Set
RB-T023 Micro Saws
RB-T028 1/32  Wood 1 - Airbrush Stencil
RB-T029 1/32  Wood 2 - Airbrush Stencil
RB-T036 1/32 Laminated Propeller Mask
RB-T037 Scribe-R File
RB-T038 Nano Saws Set
RB-T039 Glue Tips
RB-T040 Pico Saws Set
RB-T041 Cutting Gauge
RB-T042 Micro Sanders (Medium-Fine (240 grit) and Fine (400 grit)
RB-T043 1/32  Wood 4 - Airbrush Stencil
RB-T044 1/32  Wood 3 - Airbrush Stencil
RB-T045 Micro Sanders Refills 240 grit and 400 grit
RB-M32004 1/32 - Masking Strips - 1 mm
RB-M32006 1/32 - Masking Strips - Curved